Lightrus Solar PV Structure Lightrus Solar PV Structure Lightrus Solar PV Structure

Solar PV Structures

Emphasis On Design & Technology

Our solar PV mounting systems are engineered to require minimal maintenance and perform reliably throughout its service life.

Visit our installations at:
Pulau Ubin | National Design Centre | The Glades | Bugis Junction.

HDB Solar Leasing Projects | SolarNova Projects

Our work with HDB on the Next Generation Roofing System has also provided us with deep knowledge on HDB's RC rooftops and we have developed standard mounting structures specifically for HDB Solar Leasing (Solarnova) projects.

Their main benefits include:
- Complies with tender specifications.
- No roof penetrations required.
- Modular to suit the different roof layouts.
- Prefabricated and light-weight for ease of installation.
- Ultra-light at less than 0.15kN/m2.
- Prefabricated and light-weight for ease of installation.
- Cost Effective. See the comparison here.

Deep Domain Knowledge from Partners

We work closely with various partners to constantly refine our structures:
- Solar Farm Developers;
- Solar Panel Manufacturers;
- IPPs;
- EPCs;
- Research Institutions and independent testing labs.

Customized Solutions

Lightrus Solar Structures are engineered to your requirements and our customized solutions enables:
- Increased free spanning of supports to land on existing structural roof beams.
- Increased elevation to rise above a "busy" roof.
- Better integration with surrounding structures and buildings.
- Compliance with international design codes for structural analysis.

For more information on selecting mounting structures, refer to this guide.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Our structures are available in a variety of zinc alloy coatings which outperform hot-dipped galvanizing (HDG) in outdoor solar applications.