Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure

Design & Rapid Prototyping Services

We adopt a DfMA approach to module design and offer rapid prototyping services for mockup construction. The mockup can contain designated openings for piping and ducts and could include fire protection via fire boards.

Our manufacturing is in Singapore and we offer rapid prototyping services for VMU ( Visual Mockup ) construction. Based on customers' needs and specifications, we can quickly iterate and change the design as required.
Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure

Local Experience & Support

Our design and engineering team is based in Singapore and partner our customers to tap on our existing capabilities in new combinations to expand the design options available in order to achieve a optimal configuration for their prefabrication needs.

Lightrus Prefab MEPS Module Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure

Prefab MEPS Structures

Our modularisation services includes the design and prefabrication of Prefab MEPS chassis using light steel framing. These are made from high tensile steel that is especially suited for use in Prefab MEPS modules(PMU). They are custom designed and produced to complement existing modules.

All steel used are coated with a patented alloy for improved corrosion resistance and CNC manufactured for precision and speed.

Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure

Approved PPVC Supplier since 2017

Lightrus is an independent manufacturer/supplier that is not affliated with any main contractor. We are an approved steel PPVC supplier with IPA(In Principle Acceptance). We understand the local Buildability code requirements and has passed the stringent requirements of the various government agencies.

Lightrus Prefab MEPS Structure