Design & Rapid Prototyping Services

We adopt a DfMA approach to module design and offer rapid prototyping services for mockup construction. The mockup can contain designated openings for windows, doors and ducts to check for clashes. M&E service holes can also be pre-punched for ease of fitting out.

Lightrus PPVC Structure

PPVC Structures

Our services includes the fabrication of light steel PPVC Walls, Floors or Chassis. These are made from high tensile steel that is especially suited for use in PPVC modules. They are custom designed and produced to complement existing modules.

All steel used are coated with a patented alloy for improved corrosion resistance and CNC manufactured for precision and speed.

Precast-Based PPVC System

As modules get larger, the weight increase makes it difficult to handle and transport. Our walls can be engineered to be loadbearing infill panels to help reduce the weight of precast modules.

Designers can choose which segments are to be in concrete while parts of the infill walls and ceilings(shown in Blue) can be replaced with PPVC Walls.

The versatility of Lightrus PPVC Structures enables seamless interfacing with concrete and provide an optimal balance for ease of installation.

Steel-Based PPVC System

Our walls and floors complements hot-rolled(shown in Red) steel posts very well as secondary framing. Walls, floors and ceilings(shown in Blue) can be pre-cut to designated lengths or prefabricated for easy assembly.

The use of LGS improves productivity, scalability and gives better cost management because these prefabricated frames can now be easily outsourced. The absence of hotworks also makes quality inspection fast and accurate.

Local Experience & Support

Our design and engineering team is based in Singapore and we have designed module concepts for PPVC stalls for hawker centres, army bunks, service apartments, dormitories and nursing homes.

We partner our customers to tap on our existing capabilities in new combinations to expand the design options available in order to achieve a optimal configuration for their PPVC systems.