Private Events Space -->

Used as private enclosed space for exclusive events in an Art-themed playground.
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Film Set Support -->

Used as support structure for backdrop in film set.
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Pop Up Fire Lobby -->

Used to extend an existing fire lobby. More Details

Pop-Up Giraffes

Pop-Up Curved Stairs

Pop-Up Curves

Pop Up Structures in Steel

We use our unique thin sheet steel to create different forms, sizes and designs for Pop-Up events. Applications includes backdrop, pop-up store and temporary protection works.

<-- Large Art Display

A temporary 6.4m high "HDB Block" for SKLO x 32 artists to showcase their work.
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<-- Temporary Storage

Used as temporary storage for more than 100 canoes of various sizes during a canoe competition.
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<-- Temporary Protection

Used as temporary protective hoarding for sensitive equipment in a laboratory during interior redecoration.
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