Light Steel Framing

We specialize in Light Gauge Steel framing and offer full turnkey services to create ultra-lightweight permanent, semi-permanent or temporary structures for events.


Big Box Using Walls & Trusses

In this project, we designed and build the structure for a large cube inside a multi-purpose hall as an exclusive event space.

Large metre-high trusses are pre-fabricated off-site and brought in manually by a 3 men crew. [ More ]

Curved Ramp Using Segmented Frames

We made segmented frames to form a curved ramp structural framing. Dry boards such as fibre cement boards are then laid on as flooring.[ More ]

Outdoor Garden

Planter boxes large and small are made for this outdoor garden.[ More ]

Lightruss | The Lightest Truss

Large light steel trusses of 1000mm height are prefabricated off-site and installed without the need for cranes in this project.