Facades & Claddings

Our design team is based in Singapore to provide engineering support for custom projects.

Customized Integration

We design engineered studs/trusses for walls with high load requirements or tall walls exceeding heights of 5m.

We will also detail custom connections to a variety of cladding profiles such as corrugated, trapezoidal or standing seam profiles from your selected cladding vendor.

Fire Rated Systems

We work with leading fire protection specialists such as Promat to create fire-rated facades with fire-ratings of up to 4 hours.

Design & Rapid Prototyping Services

We adopt a DfMA approach to module design and offer rapid prototyping services for mockup construction. The mockup can contain designated openings for windows, doors and ducts to check for clashes. M&E service holes can also be pre-punched for ease of fitting out.

Special Site Conditions

Our structural system is up to 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete (RC) and masonry. This allows us to design ultra-light facades which can be installed without mechanical power

For sites with limited working space, we are able to design prefabricated facades that can be installed entirely from within the building.